Kylie Hicks
Professional Overview


“After having been taught art by many passive and contained teachers, I find it refreshing to finally be taught by someone with passion, someone with a knowledge beyond the paintbrush and someone that becomes connected to her students and their art. Kylie has become an important figure in my personal and spritual development as an artist and I am keenly looking forward to my continued studies under her guidance”.

                                                      Student Feedback

                                                      (SET Report Griffith Surveys)


Professional Portfolio




Griffith University

2004 - present


Campus Course Convenor, Lecturer, and Tutor 

1212QCA Visual Strategies

Co-convenor and Head Tutor

1210QCA Creating the Image 

Lecturer & Tutor:

2366QCA Introduction to Ideas and Images

3352QCA Theory & Practice 1:3354QCA Theory & Practice 2

3355QCA Individual Practice1

2361QCA Spatial Practices

Academic Representative QCAGC Schools Outreach

Supervision of Honours Students (Fine Arts)

Griffith University School of Humanities

Lecturer and Tutor: 2307HUM / 7307HUM Performing Culture;

1502HUM Communication Performance

Griffith University Business School

Head Tutor: 1101IBA Management Concepts

Tutor: Organisational Change & Development; Business Communication 1; Business Communication 2; Organisational Processes.

Research Assistant: Dr Ron Fisher, Dr Rod Gapp, Dr Ruth McPhail. 


Napoleon Perdis

2003 - 2004


Academy Principal (Brisbane)

National Creative Team

QLD Creative Team Leader 

Certificate & Diploma Primary Instructor

Certificate & Diploma Workshop Facilitator and Trainer 


Star FX Professional Make-Up Academy

2000 - 2003


Trainer & Assessor 

Curriculum Development & Delivery

Personal & Professional Development Workshop Facilitator

Creative Team - Team Leader





2009-10 Soapbox Theatre 

Costume Design; Performance; Promotion


2010 ACCESS ARTS Inc (Queensland)

Collaboration with the Professional Development Coordinator

Design, implement and deliver a one-to-one mentorship programs for individual clients of Access Arts based on the Gold Coast.

Independent assessor of Client Applications for Access Arts Personal Development Grants.


2009 -  Awkward Productions 

Performance Skills and Script Development

Personal & Professional Development



Dr Mike Foster - Funded Project


2004 - 2005 Woodford Theatre Company

Production Design, Performance, Community Design

Grant Submission, Training 



Secondment - Design 




2005 - ongoing  Privately Contracted: Various Groups/Organisations

  • Developing Group Cohesiveness

  • Mark Making - Drawing as a Meditation in Mindfulness

  • Find Your Voice: Introduction, Intermediate & Advanced

  • Designing Community Events: Introduction, Intermediate & Advanced 

  • Signs & Symbols - Increase your visual Literacy; Introduction, Intermeiate; Advanced

  • Effective Energetic Modalities for working with Groups: Introduction, Intermediate & Advanced Sitting In Circles - Practices & protocols 

  • Working with Fire - Introduction

  • Fire Event Design - Introduction

  • Personal Ritual - Introduction 

  • Ceremony & Celebration - Introduction 

  • Working with Fire - Intermediate & Advanced

  • Fire Event Design - Intermediate & Advanced

  • Personal Ritual - Intermediate & Advanced

  • Ceremony & Celebration - Intermediate & Advanced

  • Shift Your Paradigm - Identifiying & Releasing Blocks & Negative Beliefs: Introduction; Intermediate & Advanced

  • Walking the Talk?- Self Reflexive Practices for Spiritual & Personal Development

  • Healing Arts Practice within Performance Art: Precedents & Practices: Introduction

  • Bodywork - The Art of Presence 

  • Bodywork - GCC (Grounding, Centring, & Clearing) Guiding Principles & Practices: Introducion; Advanced; Tools For Trainers



2003 - ongoing Privately Contracted: Various Groups, Organisations & Bodies including Griffith University, Gummeri Centre, Gold Coast City Council Cultural Development Unit: Regional Arts Development Forum


  • Art & Shamanism

  • Live Art: The Performance Artist as Shaman

  • The Anthropologies of Performance Art, Shamanism, and Contemporay Healing Arts Practices

  • Connecting the Individual to the Collective: Energetic Synthesis Methodologies

  • Artists in Trance: Shamanic Practices & Mediumship  

  • Trance & Transmission: Symbiosis & Embodiment

  • Alterity, the unconscious and cultural representation



2010 - present

2010 - present

Education & Qualifications 


Master of Arts     Queensland University of Technology. 




Bachelor of Arts       Griffith University.

                                    Majored Applied Theatre & Contemporary Art.

                                    GPA: 6.833 Griffith University Medal Recipient

                                    Academic Excellence Awards 2002-5


CHC40708 Certificate IV Community Service Work

CHC40413 Certificate IV Youth Work

TAE40110 Certificate IV Training & Assessment

CHC40213 Cert IV Education Support

TAE50211 Diploma Training Design & Development

TAE80210 Graduate Diploma Management (Learning) 

30724QLD Diploma of Metaphysics 


Certifications & Specialist Training


Sacred Esoteric Healing

Esoteric Bodywork

Mental Health First Aid

Emotional Intelligence - Trainer Training 

Supporting Well being in High Performance Cultures 

Presentation Skills

Creating High Performance Teams 

Tuning Up Your Communication Skills

Intuitive Anatomy

Reiki I & II Certification

Reiki III Master 





2011     Identified by students as a Griffith University “Excellent Teacher”                                         

2008     RADF Rapid Response Grant. Funding to assist with the final                                                              presentation of the project noted below.

2007     Gold Coast City Council RADF Grant Recipient. Performative research project                                  designed to address issues identified as “barriers to participation in the arts”

2004     Griffith University Medal for Academic Excellence


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