When Kylie says "in a former life" (although she has had many) - she is most often making reference to the eclectic set of professional skills and experiences she has acquired in a diverse range of areas. Everything from Stand up Comedy at various venues around QLD; Training & mentorship with Ian McFadyen (The Comedy Company) in comedy performance & writing; to Designing & Applying Special FX & Avante Garde make up for film, TV, Theatre & Print Media; She is an experienced actor & director; and has trained with and taught alongside International Director & Author Dr Neil Cameron (The Running & Stomping Book; Fire on the Water) in the areas of Community Events & Design; Festivals; Fire Events; Rites of Passage; Ceremony; Archetypes, Symbols & Rituals. Her personal Art Works integrate her healing practices and passion for bringing people together in ways that foster personal and collective experiential learnings. These works often take the form of "Gatherings": events in public spaces used by local communities (beaches, parks) where anyone can become a participant and co creator in ceremony or ritual, rooted in ancient traditions but presented in accessible and meaningful ways for contemporary audiences, and with the capacility for healing. 


Kylie now offers unique ways you can bring spirit to your next event. Wether you would like something intimate for friends where Kylie uses her psychic, mediumship, and intuitive abilities for readings; something different for a special event or celebration; a consultant to assist in the design of your own "gathering"; or a gift with a difference for your staff - if your looking for spirit and soul...a little bit of magic and a touch of the mystic...Kylie has something for you.   

               (EVEN FOR THE SKEPTICS)


Kylie is available for Home and Office Parties; Bridal Showers; Birthdays; Girls Nights; and Special Ocassions.


Psychic Readings are a great way to get your guests talking & keep them talking afterwards - for all the right reasons.  Kylie creatively crafts a magical enviroment by weaving together her spiritual sparkle; with the professionalism of her public performance experience; while retaining reverence for the Tarot traditions. As Kylie is committed to honouring her gifts in a manner that is respectful of spirit; and serves a positive purpose for all who receive them - she will provide you and your guests with quality readings & messages with the right balance of giggles & grace to suit your group.

BYO Favourite Teacup!


$50 per guest - Minimum of Six Guests

(Not applicable to Host: A gift from Kylie)

Pricing inclusive of:

  • 30 minutes prior & 30 minutes after event (this is in addition to the*3hrs Kylie will spend with you and your guests). Allowing Kylie time to "install" & prepare her space; chat; & do a basic space clearing for you afterwards. 4hrs Total

  • A selection of 'event themed' yummy treats (varies AM/PM)

  • A selection of delicious teas 

  • A small gifted momento for each guest 


**3hr format has been designed for groups of 6 -10 Where each guest recieves an individual reading. For groups of 10 or more a fixed fee of $300 applies for the above package. Kylie encourages Hosts to discuss with her the possible options for the delivery of readings  within larger groups. Kylie aims to offer the best possible experience for each Host and their guests regardless of groups sizes.





Kylie leads your guests in a group meditation with a difference. Using drawing as a meditation on mindfullness you will be guided through some fun techniques for energetic realignment, grounding & centring that will definitely raise the vibrations (and possibly the roof) of the room. Kylie has taken the ancient traditions of 'mark making' & Mixed them with her healing arts practices...developing a modality for connecting with spirit and recieving insights specific to each 'emerging artist' in your group. You will be amazed by the results! Not only will you and your guests recieve a reading in a fun and energetic environment while keeping you present. By the end of your time with Kylie you will also be amazed by your own creative abilities.


A Fixed Fee of $350 applies.

Regardless of party/event sizes & numbers: Max.15 participants.

The guided group exercises make for great entertainment for non participating guests. And Kylie's unique performative style of facilitation is engaging to all guests. 

Cost inclusive:

  • 3hrs at Event

  • All Materials - Various 

  • Each participating guest recieves a personal gift  in addition to their keepsake creative outcomes from the session. 


The Nature of this Delivery requires adequate space for Participants to either be seated at a large table(s) or ability to work on a suitable surface (benchtops etc). Individual easles can be provided at additional charge. Large open plan space required. 



Essentially Kylie is using her gifts as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive, (Energetic) Healing Arts Practitioner & is working with Spirit - regardless of the various styles of delivery that may be adopted. 


This allows you to work with Kylie on how she might cater to the "theming" or  Special Ocassion of your party or event and provide a fun and 'feel good' approach for your guests to recieve readings.


Previous 'themed readings' developed specifically for Hosts have included:


  • Psychadelic Psychometry - Fancy Dress corporate evening. Using personal items to give readings to guests. 

  • Mystic Makeover - Hens Night: Kylie gave the Bride a makeover whilst conducting her reading and completed "Make Up charts" for other guests to accompany their mini readings.

  • Styling with Spirit- Girls Night In: Guests were asked to bring with them a favourite outfit, which was then used in mixed modality of psychometry and energetics for their readings. 


Hosts are encouraged to contact Kylie to dicuss possible designs where you can PICK N MIX to suit the occassion.



The artist is one who carries & shapes the unconscious psychic life of mankind.

                          Carl Jung