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Kylie Hicks
Kylie Hicks
Kylie Hicks
kylie hicks healing arts kylie hicks Healing arts kylie hicks healing arts kylie hicks healing arts  kylie hicks healing arts kylie hicks kylie hicks kylie hicks kylie hicks kylie hicks kylie hicks kylie hicks

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Kylie Hicks Healing Arts

Kylie Hicks BA is a Gold Coast (Qld. Aust.) based Healing Arts Practitioner. The success of her personal mantra ENGAGE INSPIRE EMPOWER has seen Kylie become a highly regarded and sort after Teacher Healer Facilitator Consultant Coach Advisor and Artist.  


When working within the community her work draws heavily on ancient traditions of ritual, celebration and ceremony. She is an advocate of the importance of festivals and celebrations in achieving social cohesion, cultural development in community and personal enrichment. By fostering inclusion and accessibility these events have proven to be a powerful vehicle for change. In addition to attracting those who are familiar with the extensive offerings within the areas of wellness & alternative therapies - her works draw a great number of participants and attendees from the wider arts community and general public.  As a result Kylie is often invited to speak about her work at Public Forums; and has been acknowledged for her contributions to cultural development by the Gold Coast City Council Cultural Development Unit (2008). Her inclusions as an invited Artist at International Live Art Events is a testimony to the calibre of her work; and the enthusiasm with which her unconventional mix of intuition, ritual, installation, shamanistic performance art, and ceremony is recieved. Clicking on the link below will take to Images, Video, Media and Testimonals of Kylie's work in the community. 




Kylie Hicks has the ability to apply and integrate her Healing Arts Practices into a diverse and extensive range of settings; and skillfully adapt modalities and delivery methods has been utilized within the Tertiary Education sector for over a decade. Her creative, innovative and personalised approach is considered an "unparralled talent" which has allowed Kylie to make significant contributions as a Lecturer; Tutor; Workshop Facilitator; and Mentor of students from Griffith University's School of Humanities, School of Business, and Queensland College of Art (Arts, Education & Law). These contributions were formally recognised when the number of student nominations Kylie recieved for Teaching Awards resulted in her listing as one of Griffith's Excellent Teachers'  









At the centre of your being you have the answer...you know who you are and you know what you want      
- Loa Tzu 
Kylie Hicks
Kylie Hicks



"An artist who is rigorous in her processes and research. Commited to developing work that is both challenging and relevant. Kylie's work in Exist in 08 was a revelation, both mature and beautifully executed".


         Dr Nikki Millican MA OBE