I wear lots of hats... 

When asked to provide a 'headshot' for this page my selection was greeted with mixed reactions; from "brave?" to "maybe a bit inappropriate...not really professional" & my favorite "do you think it sends the right message?"


..and that makes it the perfect choice for me.

It is a little concerning however, that anyone would consider my choice of photo to be my defining  act of bravery??


brave/breɪv adj  1/ready to face & endure danger or pain

                          2/ feeling or showing no fear : not afraid


...but given that my life and experiences over the years have been described by family, friends or colleagues as everything from: "colourful" and "unconventional"; to "certainly not what you'd expect" & on one occassion: "like something co-written by Lewis Carroll, Quentin Tarentino, and Paulo Cohelo"  I supposed it's fair to say I might not define things (or see them) the same way as most...most of the time. 


If professionalism is a concern there is a considerable amount of information contained within this site that covers my qualifications & experience; including testimonials from those I have had the pleasure of working with in a variety of contexts. And it's all very 'appropriate' and 'professional'. 


As for "sending the right message" about me...??

I don't wear suits or sensible shoes, but I haven't had the urge to wear tie-dyed kaftans and go barefoot, or dress like Stevie Nicks yet either (but she is in my iTunes library). As I am a lover of literature and my favourite poetic device is metaphor - for me - its a little like 'judging the book' - if the cover prevents you from reading the pages then there's a good chance you're meant to find a different author. Metaphorical 'mad hatters' aren't everyone's cup of tea! Luckily the abundance of teas and tea drinkers is such that noone need be left with an empty cup or a cold full pot. 


If you have expectations regarding what I will (or should) look, and sound, and smell, or even 'feel' like - regardless of what those might be - there is a high probability you may be disappointed...but if you are open, and willing to put expectations aside there is an even higher probability that you'll have the experience of being pleasantly suprised...and that in itself is a powerful paradigm shift.


Accepting that (more often than not!)opportunities for self development; learning; and healing are found in the most unexpected places & unlikely people - can be life changing - however, in order to accept we must first be willing. I'm unsure if that can be 'taught' -  but I am certain it is possible to faciitate a space in which it can happen as a result of what you learn. 


Knowledge is power...self knowledge is powerful....Knowledge when practiced becomes wisdom...the power of sharing wisdom creates empowering and limitless possibilities...and that's pretty awesome!


And that's what I'm about...(just about)... I'm also fond of a     Futterwacken....








PHOTO: Courtesy Kade Sproule (2010)


My Alice In Wonderland themed 40th Birthday Celebrations.



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