Artist & Researcher

Kyie Hicks Is a key influence in the pursuit of a sustainable career in the arts. I have been greatly inspired by her dedication & found her abiility to provide motivation and guidance through many creative blocks to be immenseley beneficial. Kylie has an energy that I struggle to define. The intuitive nature of her methods leads me to be believe she is attuned to a deeper level of process. This skill & highly developed gift of insight leaves Kylie open to 'connect', communicate, and refine what drives me as an artist, offering a tailored and personal guidance and clarity, rarely experienced





Student Success Advisor

Science, Architecture, Planning, and IT/Multimedia

Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University


Dear Kylie, As you know, I regard you as the best tutor I had during my incomplete return to business studies back in 2005-2007, when you tutored me in Management Concepts. Your commitment, your high expectation of students, your willingness to go over and above when help was sought, your energy and enthusiasm, and even the way you attended many lectures given by other staff, all helped me to get a great deal from the course and to re-adjust to university study as a mature age guy after 30 years out of tertiary institutions. I loved coming to your tutes, even if I felt out of my comfort zone at times - that's how it should be for deep learning to happen.


Further, I value that we stayed in contact over the years,  as Griffith colleagues and friends.


My view of you as a tutor, colleague and friend has nnever changed, Kylie, and I admire your resilience , and your integrity. It has inspired me how you - when undeservedly 'under fire' - are still looking for "the beauty in the ruins."


I have no doubt your independence in this context will turn out extremely well for you, and  that you never forget the positive impact you have had on so many students, including me.