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BA(Hons) Qld,  PhD UTS

Professor Journalism & Communications

Convenor, Bachelor of Journalism + Master of Arts in Journalism and Communication 

Member: Griffith Centre for Cultural Research School of Humanities

Griffith University


I have known Kylie for about ten years and in that time I have been highly impressed by her enthusiasm, intelligence and commitment to experimentation and exploration across a range of art forms & practices.


Ms Hicks was an exemplary undergraduate student in Griffith’s Bachelor of Arts Degree. She achieved a GPA of 6.833 and won the University medal. As a result Griffith has been utilising her unparalleled talents in a number of ways post graduation.


Kylie has been an important part of the Arts & Humanirties teaching team, lecturing, tutoring and assessing in a number of Performance, Contemporary Arts & Communications courses from first to third year. She has also worked as a Design Consultant & Production Designer on major student productions, festival & events over the last ten years.


I have received first hand experience of Kylie’s expertise. As Head of School, I have introduced a number of changes to our curriculum including the introduction of a couple of large, first year courses that allow students to explore creative, cross-arts practice. Her contribution, both conceptual and logistical, has been massive and a contribution to the success of these courses.


Kylie has also been employed by the University as a Technician in the Drama Theatre, operating lighting and sound equipment for student performances; her make up artist and special effects skills from previous employment have been invaluable in a number of courses. She has also worked on University Community Collaborations including the Woodford Theatre Company -as a performer and designer.


It is a mark of Kylie's adaptability that she has also Lectured & Tutored in the School of Business’s Department of Management using her exceptional skills to draw out students abilities in Business Communications, Management Concepts, Organisational Processes, and Organisational Change & Development.


Her academic & research capabilities are far beyond those of the average graduate working in her field. She has a firm grasp of the theoretical issues in a range of creative disciplines and has no trouble applying them in innovative ways for practical purposes. She certainly has all the attributes of a first class educator & inspirational speaker.


I have often found myself at a loss as to how to explain exactly 'what she does' and 'how she does it'...but I can say with certainty that its of great importance and tremendous value to the students fortunate enough to work with her.





BA (Hons) (UB) MA(UB) M.Div(CU)

Author, Director, Arts Educator, Healing Practitioner


Kylie invited me to work with her on a RADF grant project in the Gold Coast region this summer. For me this was a very interesting and rich experience and a great opportunity to get to know one of Australia’s most innovative and impressive performance artists.


Kylie is also fully committed to her work as an artist & healing arts practitioner. Her live art "Gatherings" in artistic venues and public spaces have been extremely well received and it is an appropriate time for her to consolidate these achievements and place them on a independent platform.  This will enable the work to be disseminated to a wider audience both in the region, nationally and abroad.


I have suggested that Kylie should approach platforms in Europe. Having worked professionally within the international ARTS environment for a number of years, I can say with confidence that Kylie’s work would make a strong impression on event organisers and audiences in Europe. This however should not divert the work of Kylie away from the Australian continent.


This was my first visit to Australia and my limited time gave me only a short insight into the creative developments in the region – but I understood clearly that Kylie has something new and special to bring to the diverse community of the Gold Coast. In many long conversations with her I learnt about the different and very interesting developments of programs in the region. Having witnessed Kylie’s immense interest in bringing people together and creating complex but very accessible work that is shared with and well received by the public, I feel that she is playing a crucial role in establishing new creative approaches and connections between artists, art funding and audiences in the Gold Coast area and beyond.


During my time with Kylie I was able to experience with how much determination and perfectionism she creates and organises her practice and events. I am confident that Kylie will continue to establish contacts that support her passion for creativity and sharing.

Her ambitious development as an artist & educator integrating the healing arts so comprehensively into her practice is very inspiring and she has the experience and focus to make significant contributions and lead the way in these areas both nationally & internationally.


Kylie is a skilful interdisciplinary practitioner who brings together a range of mediums, and modalities which she uses in a personally refined an d unique way. She addresses important questions around diversity within community successfully and she inspires debates that benefit the development of new positions towards cultural identity and personal responsibility.


I hope that this new and powerful Australian voice will find the support it needs to progress on its promising path.

                    ZANE TROW 

Creative Arts Centre Manager Redland City Coucil QLD Former CEO/Creative Director Brisbane Powerhouse; Performance Space Ltd; Next Wave Festival Inc.


I consider Kylie to be one of the best teacher/artists I have had the professional pleasure of working alongside. Her rigorous process of ongoing practice led research, combined with ability to enact deep learning spaces with diverse students allows for a stimulating and challenging exchange.


Her work as an artist has produced soe of the most stimulating Live Art seen in Queensland. So much so that a noted visitinginternational curator commented to me that it was "the best Australian art I've ever seen".


I have no hesitation in recommending Kylie for any arts/education or personal & professional development needs you or your organisation require.





MA (UL)Chief Executive/Artistic Director 

Zane Trow first introduced me to Kylie when she attended the National Review of Live 

Art in Glasgow, Scotland to conduct research for her Master of Arts Postgraduate Degree 

(QUT). The NRLA is Europe’s longest running festival of live art, of which I have been Director since 1984. 


In October of 2008 I was an invited speaker at the international Live Art event Exist 08, curated by Zane Trow and Rebecca Cunningham at the Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, the event unearthing the work of artists I had not been introduced to my first time in Australia. 


One of those artists was Kylie - presenting her work Permission.  In my dealings with her I found an artist who is rigorous in both her research and process methodologies and one who is committed to developing work that is challenging and relevant, and someone whose enthusiasm and passion is inspiring. 


Her work at Exist 08 was a revelation, both mature and beautifully executed, it was a piece that I certainly intended bringing to Scotland had it not been such a conclusive event for her both artistically and personally. 


I continued to be an advocate of Kylie's work and consider her exemplary both as an artist and a compassionate, gifted practitioner and human being. The positive affects of her work on those who attended Permission was, in my experience, quite profound.



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