Ranging from one day workshops to one month Residencies Kylie's courses are specifically designed to meet client needs.


Kylie has worked within the Tertiary Education Sector delivering Workshops, Lectures, and Courses to students from the Visual, Performing, Contemporary Arts, & Education fields of study - at levels from 1st year through to Postgraduate. 


Her years of experience as a University Lecturer, Tutor, Course Convenor & Researcher; and her passion for empowering students have resulted in Kylie being recognised for her contributions by students and staff. She is well known for her engaging and innovative approaches to facilitating learning environments, and courses have proven to be a popular inclusion within a range of degree programs.


If you are intersted in securing a Workshop, Seminar or Residency for your School. Contact Kylie directly by filling out the form provided on the Froms Link Below.

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