A message from Me

   about how I will work with  You




I don't take myself too seriously but I take what I do VERY seriously. 

I do this work to empower individuals with experiences, knowledge, and understandings to heal...and awaken connectedness to the inner wisdom we all possess...the ability to heal our own emotional, and spiritual wounds. My wish is for my clients to develop a fullfilling and rewarding relationship based on acceptance, trust and love that lasts forever...WITH THEMSELVES!!! A soul centredness, and way of living that's aligned with their life's purpose.




I'm not a fortune teller or a side show act. I'm not here to make predictions about when you will "get a boyfriend", or give you winning lotto numbers :)  ...but I WILL give you (and guide you to) what you need to know in the now in order to impliment positive change. When I connect - I connect and communicate with and from a place of higher wisdom - its "soul speak" -  with a purpose of guiding  you in living and experiencing life as you were meant to!! Experiencing joy & wonderment, appreciating the human experience that is your life. 


I am of the position that it is my dedication to developing and refining my abilities; the choices I've made when the universe has conspired with certain souls and put them in my path; and opportunities have arisen; my actions (what I've had to do and how I've had to do it) which have resulted in my inuitive, healing, and psychic abilities being refered to as "gifts" - which they are - however they are "gifts" that I (as conduit, vessel, or medium/facilitator) am purposed to pass on to others...and not mine alone to keep.


It's an agreement: Carolyn Myss would say it's my 'Sacred Contract'; Jung would say it's the result of my archetypes; and Shakespeare would tell me that its the part I have been cast in & to be  played out on the worlds stage. I made my agreement with my highest self (the inner voice, my soul, the life force within me) a long time ago: Regardless of the mistakes I would make, the traumas & loss I would experience, the seemingly insurmountable challenges I might have to overcome, the trials and tests I would face and sometimes fail; and how far I strayed away from my purpose - that I would keep turning up - every day - and always return to the necessary work of self development, learning and practice. 'The deal" being: if I applied myself to learning; if I was willing to use and share ALL of my lifes experiences in ways that benefited and were of service to others; and my intentions were pure - that spirit, the universe, or whatever you are comfortable calling a power greater than yourself (that's beyond the comprehension of the human mind), would provide what I need when I need it...these are the 'gifts'  I share with you;  whatever you learn, feel, experience, or recieve as a result of our session is the gift I have been asked to 'pass on' or give you. . . identified as the greatest need and of most value to to you - through me - not by me.


Your first session is 1hr. Clients have the option of booking 30 minute sessions thereafter.


I Look forward to the opportunity of working with you and please feel encouraged to contact me with any queries you may have about booking your session.


Yours in service 


Kylie x