October Workshops:

North Point Beach Chalet, Kingscliff.

Kylie Hicks Workshop
Kylie hicks workshop
Kylie Hicks Workshop
Giving Way to Passion

7th October, 2014   10am - 4pm OR

9th October, 2014   10am - 4pm            Catered Lunch & Resources Provided


A woman living in harmony with her soul is passionate...flowing like a river....she is a creative force...ignite your passion...let it guide you!! As Places are limited to 10 - this workshop is offered twice during October. Check the Deals page for Early Bird Offers.


The beautiful surrounds of North Point Kingscliff - the expansive views of the pristine beach and ocean breezes are the perfect setting for this workshop. Designed to awaken your Inner Wisdom "Giving Way to Passion" offers fun, introspective, skills building exercises. By keeping groups small Kylie is able to facilitate meaningful group discussions and allow for one on one time with everyone. Once you have secured your place Kylie will be in touch with Additional Information and some suggestions for how you can make the most of your workshop experience. Kylie is all about empowering YOU with the awareness and (trust)- that in the space of a quitened mind, an open heart, and pure intention YOU have within YOU the answers. 

Creating Soul Centredness 

8th October, 2014      10am - 4pm                          Catered Lunch & Resources Provided                                           


This workshop focusses on creative methodolgies as practices in mindfullnes. "Creating Soul Centredness" will introduce you to the ancient origins of contemporary creative arts practices: both visual, and perfomative. Ritual & Ceremony. Your will learn creative techniques for maintaining "presence" and "active listening" which connect you to spirit. 

Great Discounts available to those you secure their place before the 2nd of October.

Practical Magic (Intro)

11th & 12th October, 2014      Saturday 10am - 5pm 

                                               Sunday    10am - 4pm     Catered Lunch & Resources Provided


** For an additional investment of $50  there is overnight accommodation available at the venue. For those who secure their placement early Special Offers still apply so make sure you check out the deals link for information regarding available Discounts. 


"Practical Magic" is a 2 day introduction to practices you can integrate into your daily rituals with the intention of heightening your intuitive abilities. You will explore the notions of instinct and impulse within the context of energetic bodywork and develop skills for working with others. Sunday session will include a guest Facilitator & workshop. The workshops has been designed to empower you with both theoretic understandings and embodied knowledge acquisition - awakening your awareness of the magic within and around you.