Individual Consultations & Mentoring 

Each Consultation or Mentoring Session is unique.The nature of Kylie's methodology is focussed on providing clients with a highly individualised integration of various modalities dependent upon their needs and desired outcomes. 


One off individual consultations 60 minutes. 

30 minute Consultations are available thereafter.


Initial mentoring sessions are 2hrs.  


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offers a unique range of workshops,seminars, and facilitation services.         In addition to her Kylie sought after mentoring & individual consultations 

Kylie is now available for Inspirational Public Speaking Engagements.         

Soul Centred

Healing Arts 





Healing Arts







Suitable for year 11 & 12 Art Students.

Educational, Inspirational, Engaging & Empowering workshops are available in 3hr or full day delivery formats.

As Kylie has a decade of experience developing & delivering curriculum for first year fine art & design students at a tertiary level; and has exhibited and presented work at both national & internation platforms - these workshops are invaluable to students wishing to undertake further studies in these areas.


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Engaging Inspiring Empowering - A Soul Centred Healing Arts Retreat experience is a unique opportunity to rebalance, re -align, connect, clarify & CREATE! The content, modalities, delivery methods, and activities contained within each Retreat have been carefully designed to ensure that regardless of your experience and existing skills  - opportunities exist for all guests to engage at a level that is relevant, meaningful and beneficial; whilst supporting supplimenting and contributing to their current journey of personal spiritual development. 


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Well known in certain circles for her prowess at hosting 'Gatherings' of all sorts, shapes & sizes - Kylie has designed a range of offerings that weave together the magical & mystical, the inspiring & informative, AND entertaining.


Wether your next function or conference wants an MC with a difference; or you just don't know what to do for your next fundraiser; ladies luncheon; dinner party or special event - Consider some spirited sparkle that is bound to leave you and your guests smiling. 


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If you are looking for an extra 'something special' to make your next get-to-together, event or function stand out for all the right reasons... be sure to check out the  'Events & Gatherings'  page for some artfully designed options that have spirit & soul in mind!

A range of Workshops; Seminars, Talks & Facilitation services are available. Topics & Workshop obectives include but are not limited to:


Organisations & Groups

  • Teaching Smart People How to Learn: Openness

  • Six Thinking Hats: Divergent Thinking Strategies for creative solutions

  • Say what you mean & mean what you say: Creatively overcoming barriers to communication 

Kylie's Inspirational Talks & Seminars are highly interactive & include participatory elements.


Individuals & Groups:

  • Mark Marking & Mindfulness:

              Drawing Modalities for Meditation

  • Creative Spaces & Sacredness:

              Introduction to ojects, meanings & spaces

  • Presence: Practice & Preparation

  • Walk the Talk     


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Individuals Organisations &

Groups: Workshops


If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for Kylie is always excited to discuss developing something specifically tailored to meet your needs or those of your group or organisation.  


A quick look at Kylie's Curriculum Vitae & About Pages will give you an overview of the wide range of areas and diversity of expertise from which Seminar, Workshop, Training and Development Sessions can be devoloped, personalised & professionally delivered.


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Working with others...having the priviledge of seeing someone recognise their true potential..reigniting. Reconnecting the creative not only my's my life's purpose to be of service to others.I look forward to chatting with you about any questions you may have regarding the most beneficial offerings available to you and how we can work together.

Kylie x