Walk with me   Burleigh Heads QLD


The multiple meanings of the body in space  explored by Kylie involved, in part, participants pinning to her dress their wishes worries & woes, hopes & dreams, messages to loved ones who have passed; secrets and sorrows.. making her body a kind of mobile, conduit..to something or somewhere sacred.  As she walked the beach and entered the surf comparisons were made to  Shaman and processes embodiment as a vehicle for healing.  A generous, open-hearted ritual ceremony using simple materials and huge, free-spirited gestures. We were reminded of the potential of  simple gatheries where pure intentions and an openness to the experience are the only entry fee required. An unexpectedly enthralling encounter with with what magic might look like and a new understanding of what it feels like when its happening.  Realtime Arts (2008)

Drawing as a modalidity for mindfulness & meditation
Creative activities & "art making" provides the opportunity to be fully present  in the moment and connect with our creative selves but unfortunately there are MANY for whom the idea of  "drawing" fills them with fear and highlights negative belief systems that have caused blocks preventing them from recognising & reaching their potential.
Having heard "but I can't draw" many many times Kylie has developed a unique way of working with students that empowers them with practical tools for ridding the mind of  "self sabotaging mind chatter and drawing exercises that are meditative in nature.  Her methods facilitate students producing outcomes that challenge what they previously believed about their own skills and abilities. The experience becomes a metaphor that has powerful flow on into all areas of their study and personal lives. 


The kids thought you were so cool – they loved the day! It was so much fun :)



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