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Under the banner of Soul Centred Healing Arts Kylie offers a range of Workshops & Seminars that provide individuals, groups & organisations holistic approaches to education, training, personal, professional, & spiritual self devlopment. Experiential learning methodologies, and practices based in tacic knowledge transfer underpin all content and devilery formats. Kylie's personal philosophy is: Creative is something we ALL ARE...we ARE CREATIVE BEINGS...born of creativity...we create every day...perhaps not consciously but in ways that can enhance or detract from our purpose, goals and quality of life. Workshops and seminars are designed to empower participants with acquired insights and awareness of their innate creative capacities, whilst developing practical skills and creative practices that can be applied to every aspect of your life. When 'consciously creative' becomes a WAY of being - the need or perception that you have to 'look outside' or 'find' creative solutions, creative ideas, or approaches 'somewhere else' starts to diminish... IN EVERY AREA (from staff development and recruitment -  to spiritual awakening & managing stress) ..the mind is quietter and we hear the wisdom that resides within us...creativity is our soul singing. 


Workshops: Individuals & Groups

Engaging, Inspiring & Empowering you to connect & create with Spirit!!! 


 I love  love  love love  facilitating workshops!!

 Bring an open mind ....I'll bring Spirit ...and together  we can make some magic!!         Kylie x


You will enjoy beautiful surrounds and an evironment that has been specifically chosen & designed to compliment workshop content and facilitate an intimate and comfortable learning experience!!


Individuals booking into Kylie's workshops can expect an experience that differs from traditional structures and formats: Places are restricted to 10 ; ensuring a highly individualised and personal experiences for every participant. Her many years as an educator & trainer have allowed Kylie to develop a methodology acknowledging: that we all possess differing learning styles. Therefore Kylie is able to cater to individual needs in this area. Her intuitive abilities and personal practice make for a day(s) of high spirited, energetic activities which are balanced with opportunities for practiced midfullness and reflection. 


Kylie offers a selection of workshops for individuals ranging from Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced, to "For Trainers" Levels. Individuals can book into upcoming workshops by checking the

What's On page for dates & times; and contacting Kylie directly to find out to secure their place. 


Groups of 10 or more can arrange a private workshops. Great for Community Groups providing activity programs to clients; or NFPs looking to add something to existing training or educational offerings. Kylie is passionate about working with young people and finding creative approaches to self development and education which are empowering. She offers minimum cost or partially sponsored fees for groups offering community services in this area. With over 10 years of experience in Curriculum Development at a Tertiary Level; and extensive Research of "At Risk" student cohorts for various Projects Kylie is excited to extend this invitation to those working within the Community Services Sector.


Call Kylie directly or fill out an Expression of Interest Form to discuss options for Group Workshops.



Orgainsations & Groups (Corporate)
Workshops & Seminars





Workshops are available to groups and organisations in a number of delivery modes. Ranging from 3hrs (for groups up to 20); Full Day, or  Weekend (2 Full days); to 3hrs per week over a 4 week period. A flat fees applies to Workshops where numbers do not exceed 20 & Venue is provided by client.  


The Corporate Coaching & Wellness Program includes workshops covering Emotional Intelligence, Creative Conflict Management, Tuning up your Communication Skills; Team Building & Group Development; &  Creative Collective approaches to Cultural Change. Kylie welcomes the opportunity to discuss Content & Delivery methods, or collaboratively designing a workshop; or series of workshops to specifically meet your needs. Kylie can also provide Consultancy & Facilitation within an existing program as an inclusion within change management.


Seminars - are available in 2hr formats: Flat Fees apply where venue is provided by client. (No limit to attendees) Fees cover accompanying materials & resources. Can be extended to 3hrs.


Kylie's Seminars are a successful blend of the informational, educational and entertaining. An Energetic, inspirational and motivational public speaker - Seminars often take the form of "Performative Lectures" that integrate participation and experiential learning and practices.  Popular Seminars include:

  • So...You want to be "Spiritual"?

  • Don't get mad. Get Creative

  • Say it like you mean it. Mean it when you do!

  • Performing Culture


Click here          to submit Expression of Interest form. Briefly list your objectives and preferred delivery time frames; and provide a few details to recieve a complimentary consult with Kylie regarding your workshop or seminar requirements.